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Are you tired or worried; or are you in the midst of a life crisis that hurts incredibly; or perhaps you are undergoing a crisis in your career … or may be you just need to talk to someone independent, think aloud and settle your thoughts over one or more topics?

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Coaching is a method oriented on a specific goal of a client during one session. In coaching you will test your ability how to formulate the goal and how to achieve it, as well as your motivation and the goal's real value for you.

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For Companies

Counselling 1:1

Private consultations for your managers and other key people of your company. Give them the possibility to talk to someone independent about their life, worries and happiness - both at work as well as in private life. By doing so, you avoid the burn-out syndrome in your crucial team members and at the same time, you prevent your company from huge operational risks and financial costs.

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Counselling N:N

Interactive workshops for your teams. The goal is to help your team members to openly talk to and to listen with respect to one another. You will discuss those topics that are hot for the company and important for you. You will fine-tune team relations and clear off misunderstandings and barriers of cooperation.

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Life is a process. When you improve the process quality,
you improve also the quality of life itself.




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