Social connection fights depression

Strengthening social connections may be among the most effective ways to prevent depression, according to a study in the American Journal of Psychiatry. Investigators used analytic methods drawn from genomics to assess data from 118,378 UK Biobank participants, age 40 and above, on 106 modifiable factors that were potentially associated with incidence of depression. They conducted analyses both of the entire sample and of those participants considered at risk for depression because of genetic factors or traumatic life events. For those factors showing associations with incidence of depression, they conducted further analyses to determine whether the associations were causal and, if so, in what direction. Among the factors showing associations were exercise, sleep duration, belonging to a sports team, napping during the day, and media use. However, the clearest evidence of a factor that can causally reduce the incidence of depression was the tendency to confide in others. (Source: American Psychologist Association)

Klára Gajdušková, MA ­