For whom?


You will benefit from Coaching in case you need to solve a single problem or an issue within several sessions. You will benefit from coaching if you are ready to work hard on yourself, open your mind and discuss every possibility. The role of a coach is not to find the solutions for you. The role is to help you in finding them in you. That is what brings the biggest value. You will walk out with your goal specific formulation, with concrete plan what needs to be done to achieve your goal, including a term-sheet and a list of limitations and possible obstacles.

How? Where? For how much?


We use typically the GROW method by John Whitmore and some other well proven methods. One session takes 60 minutes.

The sessions can be held as seated-in at the Polyclinic at Národní, Národní 9, Praha 1. Or you can use Skype at Respektrumczech. Alternatively we can come to see you at your office to spare you time. Please note that all sessions need to be ordered in advance. For a Skype session, you need to pay upfront first. As soon as the payment arrives at our account, we confirm the term.

Term registration and cancelling: 
Once we have received your session request, we check the availability and within 24 hours confirm the term by an SMS or by e-mail. The term is binding then. Have your plans changed? No problem at all. That can happen. Just please do cancel no later then 48 hours before the agreed term, otherwise you need to pay the full fee. 

Sessions can be held in Czech or English and also in Russian languages.

For how much: 
The basic fee for a 55 minute session is CZK 5000,-  incl. 21% VAT.

Direct payments are possible through a QR code.

Life is a process. When you improve the process quality,
you improve also the quality of life itself.




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