Counselling 1:1

A benefit for your most important team members endangered by the burn-out syndrome.

For whom?

The basic features. Is there a fit with at least one?

  1. This person is hard to be replaced adequately: both from the professional point of view as well as a personality.
  2. In case he or she leaves, the position cannot stay vacant longer than for a couple of weeks.
  3. There is not an adequate successor in the company - someone matching the position and ready to take it over.
  4. In case this person leaves, we lose a valid if not a unique know-how.
  5. Belongs to “high-potentials” pool.

Sociodemographic features. Match with three and more?

  1. Age 30 - 55 years.
  2. Is a member of Top or Middle management.
  3. Has a high level of personal responsibility.
  4. Has been at the same position for five years or longer.
  5. Has been overloaded long-term (emailing late at night or/and on weekends; constantly on-line; has not had real holidays in the last 12 months etc.)
  6. Is the primal bread-winner of his/hers family.
  7. Has major financial duties (mortgage, alimony, children studying...).
  8. Is an expat?

Company’s Benefit?

  • Eliminating the operational risk and the risk of key people outflow.
  • The results are measurable. You know what you pay for.
  • After each series of sessions you receive a report summarising motivation development (but details about the specific topics remain confidential).
  • Our counselling helps your key people to see many things from a new perspective - the risk of conflicts and misunderstandings at work declines, while the identification with company goals and visions grows.
  • Your key people get a unique benefit.
  • The team that offers this service know exceptionally well both the corporate environment as well as the world of mental health. We are psychologists, but we speak your language.

Manager’s Benefit?

  • Talking safely to someone independent about anything they want.
  • Talking about work or private life and knowing that anything they say is confidential.
  • Talking to a person that has been through the same or very similar situation. However, the person is a psychologist at the same time.
  • Talking openly about motivations, barriers, fears and risks with no need to pretend, hide or play roles.


Setting expectations at the beginning

Personality test. Understanding what personality you are, so that we can discuss what can be changed and what is a permanent pattern.

Regular measurement

We will measure your motivation regularly in six dimensions. You will give us a regular feedback to make the process as smooth and beneficial for you as possible.


Everything what is said at the sessions is totally confidential.

Own choice

Only you - the counselled client - decide about the topics to be discussed.

Life is a process. When you improve the process quality,
you improve also the quality of life itself.




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