Counselling N:N

This service is aimed for groups that want to fine-tune their teamwork. For groups accepting that a great teamwork will not be achieved at a team-building without an open debate over anything that relates the group and can bring benefits for cooperation. For teams that are aware of the fact how important it is to let the steam go jointly from time to time and want to learn how to cope with stress and recharge new energy and motivation. If there are some 4-12 of you and you are keen to know one another better, avoid misunderstandings and conflicts and be tuned in, let us know. We will prepare a made-to-measure program for you based on your needs.


Each Counselling N:N is a made-to-measure offer based on specific needs of the given group. An example how can it look like: You can get a series of four interactive workshops, each taking half a day and an evening outside of Prague. The workshops will be conducted once in a quarter. There are four parts to each workshop:

  • Liberal Discussion. Over a topic or topics that are hot for the company and people (in the sense of relationship, pressure for output, lack of communication, tension... ). The rule is that anything what has been said at this point remains in the group.
  • Presentation upon your request. Relating topics relevant for team psychology (motivation, burn-out syndrome, cooperation at workplace, etc.)
  • Relaxation. You will learn how to relax intensively.
  • Club. Joint evening program made-to-measure as you wish and based on your request in order to have some fun as well.


  • Balanced and healthier approach to work and life.
  • Higher motivation, lower risk of burn-out among your team-members.
  • Better communication in the group and also towards the rest of the company.
  • Job and private topics are seen in a new - broader perspective.
  • Better team-play, more satisfied people in the team as well as their direct reports and clients.

Life is a process. When you improve the process quality,
you improve also the quality of life itself.




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