Mgr. Klára Gajdušková, MA

Psychologist and Psychotherapist

What I can offer is a mixture of experience from a corporation, journalism, NGO sector, a Czech psychiatric hospital and own private practice. My rule is: no advice, no judging. I am convinced that all the answers to our questions are inside us anyway. A psychologist needs to be humble to what he or she does, have a respect to his or hers clients and must have sense of humour and an ability to see things from a higher perspective.

I have a diploma from La Salle University, Philadelphia, P.A., (USA) in clinical psychology counselling and am trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for depressions, suicidalities, anxiety and personality disorders. I am a trained coach with an international certificate. My work experience involves National Institute for Mental Health ( where I worked as a psychologist. Prior to that I had worked at Česká spořitelna as Head of Communications for 15 years. Since 2015 I run my own counselling practice. I am married and have an adult daughter. My hobbies include history, architecture, design and politics.


PhDr. Miluše Sadílková

Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Developing Czech Republic's infrastructure for dealing with refugees was where I started my career. The new organisation with a nation-wide reach was what I set up and managed for 10 years. I have an experience at middle and top management positions. Another important role in my career plays the period when I was dealing with drug addicted clients at a therapeutic community, and with clients at psychotherapeutic department of the Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital in Prague. Since 2010 I have my private practice.

My doctoral diploma from Clinical Psychology is by the Faculty of Arts of Palacký University in Olomouc. Aside of the education in psychology I also have an MA diploma from French and Czech language by the same university. I am a trained psychotherapist in deep-dynamic community and group therapy and also in imaginative psychotherapy (individual and family therapy). Further, I am trained in relaxation techniques and many others. My individual self-experience training was lead by Czech psycho-analysts.


Mgr. Markéta Duchková

Psychological counseling and mediation

I like to devote myself to soul and body. I believe that when our soul is not right, it will manifest itself in difficulties on our body and vice versa. I have been dealing with the treatment of eating disorders for a long time. My mission is to help you understand yourself and allow you to grow your self-concept and self-confidence. I work in the Daseinsanalytic direction, the essence of which is the search for ways to be oneself in the middle of interpersonal relationships. I offer an empathetic, professional and discreet approach while maintaining full respect for your uniqueness.

I graduated from the Prague University of Psychosocial Studies and completed a five-year self-experiential training in community and group psychotherapy in Daseinsanalytics, accredited for healthcare by the Czech Psychotherapeutic Society of the J. E. Purkyně Medical Society.

Before the therapeutic practice, I worked at the Our Child Foundation, where I learned to work with families in crisis. I like skiing and spending time with my family in nature.

Life is a process. When you improve the process quality,
you improve also the quality of life itself.




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