Have a nice Advent and no worries

Let's not let the commercial hustle and bustle cancel our Christmas spirit

"So what are you planning for Christmas?"
"But, I don't even know you. I'm not there mentally at all yet. Christmas decorations
everywhere... It doesn't mean anything to me, it just makes me nervous." 
Do you recognize yourself in this?

If you feel the same way, meaning that the Christmas rush has not affected you yet, 
maybe it's not bad at all.

Maybe the holidays don't have to be the perfect showcase of a (often seemingly) happy family
with loads of presents, candy and a perfectly tidy home.

Maybe instead we can recap a little bit. Or we can realize what and who is really important 
to us. Let's just be with the people we like. 
Let's try to disconnect from the pressure of advertising and strange imposed obligations.

Have a nice and peaceful Advent

Klára Gajdušková, MA ­ZnamyLekar.cz